Do you have anyone who specialize in wedding hair?

Yes, we do have wedding services, offering packages for the bride to be includes wedding party pricing

Can I book an appointment?

We'd love to! The best way to reach us is via phone or stop in to meet your stylist our business hours are Tuesday-Friday 10am-8pm Saturday 9am-5pm *Closed

My hair is natural, do you know how to work with natural hair?

Yes natural hair care is our specialty & we believe in our natural Raw hair products by Mary's Mariposa that we Retail exclusively right in our Salon!

I think my daughter needs a trim. She's 4, at what age should I give her her first trim?

Our youngest need trims too. Depending on the amount of care put into the hair. We've seen trims as early as 3 yrs old. Bring the kids we have the booster chair

I didn't know you offer Locs and inter locking!

Yes we do. We have a loctician to get them started, professionally installed, repairs retwist & styles them. (Pelumi photo gallery)

How can I send you a picture of the style I'm interested in?

I have no answer. Don't like giving our personal cell #